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Blogging Corner

  • Happy New Year 2021

    Happy New Year 2021 from Toys 'n' Wood!
  • Give puzzles a chance!

    Give Puzzles a Chance! Discover 11 Benefits of this simple classic educational toy.
  • Encouraging Educational Play the Montessori Way

    Four simple ways to encourage educational play the Montessori Way in the comfort of your own home!
  • Why rotating toys helps develop your baby's ability to focus?

    Toy rotation is an important aspect of a Montessori educational approach for young children, but the “why,” “when,” and “how” are important points to understand so that you can use toy rotation successfully at home.
  • The Benefits of Pull-Along Toys for toddlers and young children

    Pull-Along toys are a great starting point to encourage toddler's balance & coordination development. Here's why!
  • Why Boredom can be good for your child?

    Boredom often has a negative connotation in our minds, but if we dig deeper we can also discover a positive side to boredom!
  • What's special about the Pikler Triangle?

    The Pikler Triangle allows the young toddler to develop their coordination and balance skills only when they are ready to do so.
  • What is Montessori?

    Read all about the Montessori Educational Approach.
  • How do you clean wooden toys?

    Did you know that wood has natural antibacterial quality? A short list of Do's & Don'ts when cleaning Wooden Toys.
  • Choosing Developmental-Appropriate Toys

    Read all about important factors to consider when buying toys for your little one.
  • Why are Wooden Toys so Special?

    We are almost a quarter into the twenty-first century and already three generations on from when the first video games began to show up in homes ar...
  • Welcome to our Blog

    Welcome to our new blog - sharing the "why's?" behind our toys!