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Choosing Developmental-Appropriate Toys

Toys are an important and fun part of every child’s day. But not every toy is right for your child! Choosing toys for a child might seem simple, but with all the available options on the market, many parents (including myself) often end up feeling uncertain and confused. There are a lot of factors that parents should consider before making a purchase. You should consider safety, educational value, durability, cost and of course fun! Also keep in mind your child’s likes, character and behaviour when picking a toy for him. Most importantly your choice of toys should be age and developmental appropriate. 

0-6 months

Did you know infants are actually colour blind early on? For this reason, they are fascinated with black and white visuals, sounds and movement. In an age of discovering their own bodies and working on hand and eye coordination, the best toys include soft toys, rattles and anything they can pull, kick, squeeze or shake.

6-12 months

In this age babies have already developed hand grip to some degree. They are in a state of doing activities repetitively in order to master them, which is the start of learning skills. They also begin discovering different concepts, sizes and shapes. Age appropriate toys include push-pull toys, bead mazes, cars, dolls, stackers, shape sorters and Montessori Object Permanence Box.

12-24 months

At this stage, toddlers begin to pretend play, and are able to use their imagination while playing. Age appropriate toys include animal sets, kitchen sets, garage sets, train tracks, doctor sets and doll houses.






2-4 years

This is the period when children start to learn about socialization. They are also in a phase of continuously developing fine and gross motor skills, creativity and imagination. They also start exploring early literacy and numeracy. Age appropriate toys include blocks, board games, puzzles, number games and word games.

Of course, nothing is set in stone and all children develop in their own pace and time. Observing your child and reading up about child development can help you make informed decisions of what toy to buy for your child. So take your time and browse our Play & Learn Collection as well as our Explore & Discover Collection to find developmental-appropriate toys for your little treasures!


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