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The Benefits of Pull-Along Toys for toddlers and young children

Toys have an important role in children’s development as they can be used to model skills needed as adults. Toys help develop a child’s physical, mental and social skills through the act of play.

Pull along toys are an ideal starting point to facilitate development-through-play. A timeless traditional toy, pull along toys come in many styles and designs. The most popular pull along toys are the ones in the shape of animals like ducks, caterpillars, turtles, dogs, crocodiles but one can also find cars or trains. Traditional pull-along toys are made from wood, have little wheels or movable feet and a string attached to enable pulling. The child can pull the wooden toy by the string so that the toy will roll behind the child as she/he walks along.

Like in the case of my daughter, the child might not be able to walk her/himself yet but still will love to pull the toy along or around them. The toddler will be self-encouraged to develop her/his physical abilities as that means more possibilities of doing things with their little wooden toy.

The wooden pull along toy might be played with in a variety of ways that will evolve once the toddler is able to walk quite well. The time will then come when the little one can be seen with her/his little friend (the pull along toy) coming along on trips through the house or garden, like a faithful friend. This is the time when the child develops their balance and coordination.

They will be looking at the pull along duck, not paying attention to what is happening in front of them as their confidence increases. During this development phase they may occasionally fall over things because they are focused on their pull along toy following them. This generally only occurs briefly as this is all part of the natural learning curve.

The next phase in the development might be that the kids explore the little pull along toy as their close friend. They might want to cuddle it, show it their favourite book, have it sit with the family at the dinner table and immerse into their daily patterns of life. Possibilities are endless and that’s great as this also teaches a variety of skills. The older the child grows the more different types of play with this kind of toy will occur.

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