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Why Boredom can be good for your child?

When a child expresses boredom to a parent, it is often viewed as a problem that needs to be fixed. Parents and caregivers often fall into the trap of trying to meet their child's every request, so when it comes to boredom, their instinctive response is to try to rescue the child from it.

Parents tend to feel responsible when their children are bored and thus often end up giving them more structured activities. However a never-ending series of activities can become exhausting for children as well as for the parents. Children need downtime to allow them to make sense of what they have learnt and experienced.

The more we don't give chance for children to be bored, the more used they get to being entertained, whether it is by an adult or more and more in recent times by technology. Expecting life to be never-ending entertainment is not a good preparation for the adult world. It's only when kids are faced with boredom that they have the incentive and opportunity to be resourceful and self-reliant.

Boredom improves Creativity

Various studies have shown that people are more creative when they’re bored – and the same goes for our children. It’s just how the human mind works. When our minds are bored, they start to daydream, and that daydreaming leads to creative thought. When our kids have nothing to do, they exercise their imaginations and that just might be the most important skill they can develop. Progress is rapidly changing the world and the way we live now won’t necessarily be the same for our kids in the near future - it’s going to take a lot of creativity to adapt.

Boredom improves mental well-being

Boredom is what gives life meaning. Research from the American Psychological Association shows that when people are bored, they tend to look back and feel that the things they’ve done in the past are more meaningful. They also start putting more meaning into the next things they see. When we’re not doing anything, to keep us from spending our whole lives idle, our brains try to make life more interesting. More weight and purpose is given to what we are processing. When reflecting on something when we’re bored, it feels more meaningful, and when we experience something new, it seems more significant. Being bored helps find the meaning in life. When our kids are bored, it helps them find value in their own experiences and develop their person view of the world, which makes them psychologically stronger for the future.

Boredom makes children more motivated

At one point children will grow up and leave the nest and parents won’t be there every moment of every day to entertain them or to fill their schedules with events. At some point, parents have to let go and hope for the best. That’s the reason why children need to learn how to motivate themselves. Letting them experience some boredom from a young age plays an important part in learning that skill. Boredom gives children the opportunity to practice imagining, planning, making their own decisions and finding ways to be interested in what’s going on around them. 

Boredom makes children more independent

When parents spend all of their time entertaining children, they will never learn how to entertain themselves. Parents may think that it is their duty to be constantly there for them, but there’s actually no correlation between the amount of time you spend with your kids and how they turn out as adults. Children don’t need adults to be there every minute of their day. They need to learn the important skill of handling things themselves, developing their own ideas and following their own interests. Giving kids too much attention can end up creating some major issues in the long-run. It can lead them to believe that they are the centre of the world and that everybody exists to serve them. It can also cause children to accept an identity developed by the parents, instead of developing their own.

Boredom is good for parents too

Letting your kids have a little time on their own gives you more time for yourself. Getting some personal time is vital for own your well-being, for keeping your relationship with your partner alive and for being a good parent. Focusing on parenting round the clock does the opposite. It just pushes up your stress and anxiety levels, which can actually hurt your kids. From a young age children can detect their parents' anxiety and stress, which in the long-run can hurt their performance in school and create behavioural problems. You don’t need to overdo yourself trying to keep your kids happy. If you’re not happy, your children aren’t either, and if you’re not mentally well, your children aren’t either. So have a break and let your kids be bored for a while. Take a little time for yourself for the benefit of not just yourself but of the whole family.

Boredom shouldn't be seen as the enemy of the child. A bored kid can be challenging to manage, but boredom also offers its own advantages and benefits. At Toys ‘n’ Wood, we offer toys that play well with boredom. Our collection leaves a lot to the imagination and creativity and your child is ready to fill in those gaps. A good old fashioned wooden toy is a blank canvas just waiting for a developing mind to come along. Boredom is the key! 


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